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Welcome to Harm Stopper iPortal HS

Dive Deeper into Harm Stopper iPortal HS

The Harm Stopper iPortal (iPortal HS) is a pioneering initiative web portal that aims to reduce harm related to recreational drug usage by providing highly appropriate online resources. Using cutting-edge AI technology, this first-of-its-kind service delivers individually tailored information via a secure cloud-delivered web portal.


Within participating states, our platform utilizes advanced geolocation technology that identifies physical resources right in “your backyard”. By harnessing this functionality along with predictive analytics capabilities that anonymously measure the effectiveness of information, resources, and programs, we assist governments and NGOs in making ongoing improvements to their programs.




To accommodate different user segments within participating states more effectively, the iPortal HS
automatically tailors its content accordingly to:

  • Individuals with active addiction

  • Healthcare professionals

  • Students and parents

  • Educational institutions

  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)

Conveniently accessible via each HarmGuard FX™ pouch's QR code, for participating states, iPortal HS ensures that location-specific information, resources, and programs are presented based on your smartphone’s geolocation. If you acquire your HarmGuard FX™ strips at one location but use recreational drugs at another location within participating states, all relevant nearby resources will be displayed.

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